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Philosophy and Stuff

It’s times like this that I contemplate many a deep, philosophical thing. What is my purpose as an individual? What is my purpose as a human? What role does our species play in this cosmic journey through time? All of these things and more I think about. Then I see my girlfriend walking through the house naked. And then I forget what I was writing about… The end?

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A Good Day

It’s funny how life tends to throw little surprises at you. One minute you’re awake and preparing to spend the day lounging about. Maybe you’ll write a little story, make out with your girlfriend, and walk around all day naked. And then the next minute you’re driving down the highway with an alcoholic and a stoner in your back seat blasting some Metallica. In any event, today has been a good day.

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A Time For Reflection…

So after a very long time of doubting myself and looking for different distractions, I’m finally doing it. I’m writing. I am a writer. Damn it feels good to say that! A wise old hippie recently told me to accept and own what I want to be if I ever hope to achieve it. Well I own it, bitches! Today marks a new day. And on this day, I look back over the past few years and wonder why it took me so long to get here. I love writing stories and sketches and giving my opinions. In fact I was once a member of a comedy group on YouTube (back when it still had funny videos and not just a bunch of people pretending to be animals). So it makes sense and feels oh so right that I should be doing this. I can’t wait to get this train moving! Oh and just for fun, here’s a video of one our old sketches. I’m the one with the blonde hair and dashing good looks.

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How the Smartphone Will Destroy the World—A Whimsical Look at the Obliteration of Humanity

Ah, technology. We humans have always had a love affair with it. Always looking for what’s new and better. Most of the technology we’ve come up with is great. There are few who can complain of the downgrading of our societies due to antibiotics, electricity or the wheel. But in the twenty-first century, our love affair has grown into an addiction; an addiction that has grown into dependence. Now we can’t even watch a concert unless it’s through the screen of an iPhone. We can’t witness a speech by a prominent figure without witnessing a sea of raised smart phones hoping to catch a clear picture to post on Twitter or Facebook. “I was there” you may say “and here is my proof!”

All of this dependence on our cell phones seems a bit insane. Never before in my life have I needed the convenience of being able to keep reading a long article on Wikipedia after a sudden urge forces me to race to my bathroom. Can’t forget the phone! Now I can do my business while continuing to read up on Ferugliotheriidae! (I have an affinity for silly words and mysterious mammals). Even the dream of only needing to press a button to make our lives easier seems antiquated these days. Now all we have to do is speak to our phone and that voice of what I perceive to be a sexy lady does whatever I need her to. I’m starting to worry about how this expectation will affect other aspects of my life.

Need more convincing? Then ask yourself this: at what point in human history has a person needed to be connected to some form of media at all times? When are we allowed to think? If we’re not careful, nature will force us to evolve in a way where we may lose a chunk of our brains; seeing as how we no longer seem to use all of it. Hey! Maybe we’ll evolve to have claws and sharp teeth! That would be pretty cool. Humans have never needed those since we were given big brains and able to create technology to kill our food. That bear may have incredible strength, razor sharp claws, and a bone crushing bite, but I have a bazooka. Prevent this, Smokey! It seems only fitting that technology would not only bring us to the pinnacle of dominance over nature, but reduce us to running around with a hairy back and clawing and biting small, fury animals. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to earn three stars on every level of Angry Birds Space.